12V Optical Smoke Detector With Relay



  • EN54-7 Certified
  • Support for two different LEDs for 360 ° viewing
  • Two different LED colors for Error and Alarm status (Blue / Red)
  • Rejecting temporary signals that can be detected as alarms
  • Easy to clean smoke chamber
TSD-5135 is one of ESG Tech’s most widely used detector and it is used for burglar alarm systems, smart home systems, etc. to detect and inform the fire. It is a relay smoke detector with dry contact alarm output structure that can work in harmony with 3rd party systems.

The detector has several software algorithms developed to minimize false alarms. In case of contamination in extremely dusty environments, the smoke chamber can be easily removed and cleaned. TFA-0120 base is fully compatible with the detector.

TSD-5135 is certified with EN54-7 according to European standards.