Standalone Cigarette and Heat Detector


  • Different detection modes (Cigarette/Heat Detection)
  • 60dB Sound Level
  • Advanced detection algorithm that minimizes false alarms
  • Adaptive protection by constantly sampling its environment
  • Easy to clean smoke chamber
  • The pollution algorithm and warning that understands that it is contaminated and unable to detect
  • Easy programmable sensor modes (and / or)
  • Built-in buzzer for audible warning
  • Low battery warning
  • Tamper warning showing that the device has been removed from the base
  • Two leds used for status indicators
  • Test and programming button
  • Supports 2x CR123A Batteries (3VDC)
  • Up to 8 years battery life (with 2 batteries)
ESG Tech TFD-3945 detector is designed for cigarette and heat detection. It is suitable for use in houses and workplaces. Detector can operate with 1 or 2 pcs CR123A batteries with approximately 4/8 years of
battery lifetime.

It supports multi sensing including Cigarette smoke and Heat detection combinations. Detection combination can be selected easily by push button. Detector also have build-in buzzer to warn users and
also supports different types of LED indicators combinations to inform different type of events such as alarms, faults and battery status.