Outdoor Siren, Red Window, Plastic Internal Protection


General Features

  • 115dB Sound Level
  • 6 Bright Walking LED
  • Ability to distinguish between sabotage and power failure
  • Intelligent trigger detection (Automatically detects if control panel is – or + triggered)
  • EXT and INT operation
  • Two different siren sounds, Thick and thin tone option
  • Optional double piezo support
  • Adjustable automatic cut-off time (3min / 10min)
  • Large space reserved for company logos
  • Plastic internal protection options
  • Sabotage protection against opening the front cover and removing from the Wall
VAS-741 External Sirens continue to meet the visual and auditory warning needs of alarm systems in the best way with their high sound level and unique technical features. Produced with Blue and Red window colors as standard, VAS-741 sirens are also diversified with metal and plastic interior protection options.

ESG Tech VAS-741 External Sirens, which can work in harmony with all alarm panels, distinguishes itself from its competitors not only with its stylish design but also with its technician-friendly installation, thanks to its smart trigger detection and its ability to distinguish between power failure and sabotage situations.