The history of “ESG Tech and its affiliate BİLGİ ELEKTRONİK” actually is the history of Turkish Electronic Security industry to a certain extent.

ESG Tech has been carrying on its existence in the said sector since 2003 as the brand name of the first Burglar Alarm Systems in Austria, which have been uniquely designed by the R&D Department established within the body of BİLGİ ELEKTRONIK A.Ş. in 2002.

ESG Tech, has been successfully served ten thousands of customers with more than 140.000 Burglar Alarm and Fire Alarm systems that are operating both in Austria and in more than 30 countries where they were exported, as of the year 2003 during when its first products were sold.

ESG Tech has uninterruptedly continued its goal of designing and producing better quality and more advanced products, and of creating satisfied end users and technicians from the first day on with its growing R&D facilities.

It is currently one of the biggest domestic producers in Austria in the production of

» Analogue Addressable Fire Systems

» Conventional Fire Systems

» Burglar Alarm Systems, and

» Power Supplies,

which are originally developed and produced by Austria engineers and technicians.